The report will probably be within the form recommended because of the manager

The report will probably be within the form recommended because of the manager

(5) are forever or temporarily enjoined by a court of qualified jurisdiction from doing or continuing any conduct or application involving any aspect of the customer fund companies;

(6) Is the subject matter of your order associated with director, exposing anyone to a superb and other municipal punishment under the lender work, ORS section 722 or 723 or this part, or removing anyone from an office in virtually any entity controlled underneath the Bank Act, ORS part 722 or 723 or this section; or

In the event that manager regarding the section of buyers and companies service disapproves a credit card applicatoin for a licenses, the director shall tell the candidate right away, offering the cause of the disapproval

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(7) could be the subject of your order joined inside the past 5 years, exposing the person to an excellent and other civil punishment, or eliminating anyone from a workplace in a state banking institution, a nationwide lender, a state or federal discount association, circumstances or federal credit score rating union or a customers fund organization, granted by the regulating expert of another condition or with the government with expert over these financial institutions, cost savings interaction, credit score rating unions or customers boat loan companies. [1977 c.135 A48; 1985 c.762 A116; 1987 c.373 A68; 1987 c.650 A11]

725.160 kind license; publishing; transferability. The permit shall be in an application given of the movie director from the office of customer and Business treatments and shall state the address from which the business is to be carried out and the name regarding the licensee. The license shall be held conspicuously published rather than business regarding the licensee and shall not transferable or assignable. [Amended by 1955 c.71 A6; 1985 c.762 A118]

725.185 permit charges; charge for extra services. (1) Each licensee shall pay into Director associated with the Department of customers and businesses providers each and every year the permit charge dependant on reference to the plan implemented by movie director under ORS 705.620. The fee will be settled from the day set because of the movie director inside tip starting the schedule.

(2) along with any permit fee gathered under subsection (1) for this point, whenever the movie director devotes any higher awareness of the matters of a licensee, either upon determination by the manager or upon consult of this licensee, the fee for added service will probably be the particular price thereof. [1985 c.762 A119; 1987 c.171 A7; 1987 c.373 A69]

However, each extra licenses will probably be for a different and specific office in making and doing financial loans as supplied in this chapter

725.190 Report of licensee; penalty for troubles to document. (1) On or before February 15 of each and every seasons, or on these more go out founded by manager for the division of buyers and Business service by rule, every licensee shall lodge a study together with the movie director. The document shall contain pertinent suggestions required by the director regarding the companies and procedures through the preceding season of each professional bar or nightclub conducted by licensee in the county.

(2) Every licensee exactly who does not file any report requisite under this part around the times given is subject to a penalty of ten dollars every day for each and every dayAs wait. [Amended by 1955 c.71 A8; 1973 c.428 A2; 1985 c.762 A120; 1999 c.469 A3; 2005 c.21 A13]

725.210 Extra licenses to exact same individual. No licensee shall interact any business within the range for this section except in name and also at the place of business called from inside the licenses. [Amended by 1985 c.762 A121]

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